Makkah- entry 1

The Kabah is not as I thought it would be- this overpowering structure of intense black and gleaming gold. Nor is it as big as it seems to be on T.V. On the contrary, it’s so plain, it’s actually just perfect!


My initial reaction upon seeing the Kabah for the first time was: is this it? it didn’t look real to me. Then I realised the beauty of it being so plain- it is not the stone structure that is holy, nor is it the Kiswah that grants miracles. The Kabah is merely a symbol; a representation of unity, history and the Omnipresence of Allah.


It is said that Allah’s Arsh is just above the kabah and it’s amazing how one can actually feel the energy vibrating in concentric circles around it.


Despite the day’s journey from Medinah, despite the aches and throbbing in one’s bones, everyone on our bus from Medinah seemed to be bursting with energy before the first Umrah. Old ladies in our group could even manage the sae’e ahead of younger ones and old men were more than ready to raml (type of running-action) between the green lights. Tears flowed in abundance from burning red eyes. SubhanAllah, it is the kind of adrenaline you hear about in fairy tales!


The highlight of my first Umrah was the plainness of the Kabah. This thought was so striking- it is the centrepoint of millions of worshippers, nay trillions over the ages, and yet it remains void of embellishment, trimmings and undue decorations. This is so fitting as we do not worship the kabah but Allah is the only One worthy of our devotions.




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